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I am running for the 3 year Select Board seat

My name is Aileen Chute, and I’m running for re-election to the 3 year Selectboard seat. Here is my platform:

I believe in community resilience and vitality. If re-elected to the Selectboard I will:
*Continue to support the three Our Future Putney Taskforces’ endeavors by agreeing to approve letters of support for grants, approving community events, and by supporting zoning by-law changes or infrastructure improvements that make it easier for needed projects to come to fruition.
*Help develop Putney as a walkable, bikable community by seeking out ways to improve our sidewalk network, work with the State to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, and continue to promote the importance of a compact, mixed-use downtown
*Work with our State legislators to help funnel resources to small communities such as Putney for economic development
*Encourage out-of-the-box ideas from the community and our Town employees which will help solve big problems while saving tax-payer money.
*Continue to explore extra revenue sources beyond property tax for Putney’s many initiatives as well as maintaining existing services to help reduce the property tax burden

I believe in community engagement. If re-elected to the Selectboard I will:
*Continue to champion government transparency and access such as hybrid meetings, easily navigable websites, and other forms of community outreach.
*Endeavor to ensure that the public is able to express themselves to their Selectboard in constructive ways
*Help find community members willing to volunteer their time to move many of Putney’s initiatives forward.
*Advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion so that all residents of Putney feel welcome and can be heard.

I believe in climate change mitigation, adaptation and resiliency. If re-elected to the Selectboard I will:
*Continue to seek out ways in which Putney can decrease its’ dependence on fossil fuels
*With dedicated volunteer help, seek out grant funding for green energy initiatives such as car-chargers, heat-pumps, solar panels, and more.
*Advocate for more alternative transportation including more and better bus routes, commuter rail, increasing the use of cargo bikes, and safe access to walking and biking.
*Advocate for land-use planning which mitigates flooding in populated areas, hardens crucial infrastructure and proactively reduces future risk and resources.
*Advocate for a compact, mixed-use downtown with a strong economic base to minimize long distance commuting, along with energy-efficient housing of all kinds that works for the median income in Putney.

Lastly, I believe in Putney. Whether re-elected or not I will:
*Continue to wave to my neighbors while walking downtown
*Say hello in the Coop, the General Store, the Farmer’s Market or at the Post Office
*Frequent our many small, local businesses
*Attend the many great events put on by so many engaged and interesting residents throughout the year
*Hike our many beautiful trails and visit our many beautiful orchards
*Be proud to call Putney my home