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Interested in Helping Legal Asylum Seekers to the USA?

Potluck and C.A.S.P. Informational Meeting- Saturday June 9, 2018 6pm
Putney Friends Meeting House Rt 5 Putney, Vt

CASP (Community Asylum seekers Project) is helping a young family from Mexico seeking legal asylum in the USA.

This potluck gathering and Information meeting, looks to build support in this area for hosting others who are waiting in Detention centers, and would like to enter the USA to pursue Legal Asylum status.

IS there a critical mass of locals who are willing to take on a commitment to helping find housing and economic supports, and other basic needs while an individual or family enters the long process to determine asylum status?

Are there enough supporters to consider this now, or in the future?

Are there other ways we can welcome people who are wanting asylum in the USA?

CASP has connections to other groups , looking for sponsors of people waiting in Detention Centers.

The RAISE Committee of Putney Friends Meeting would like to update you as we seek ways to support those who are seeking asylum in our country. Our sense is that interest in this work is growing and we will facilitate that growth in several ways.
We have offered ourselves as an information hub for the Putney/Brattleboro area. Francie Marbury is the point person for communication. This means that, as different groups (Putney Huddle, West Brattleboro Worship Group, neighborhood groups) seek to educate themselves and discern their commitment, information can be sent to Francie to share more widely.

Most immediately, we are inviting the greater Putney community to a potluck and information meeting for June 9, 6pm at the Meetinghouse. Our hope is that out of this will come one or more people who want to offer living space to an asylum seeker. We know that it is vital to provide lots of support to the people who are willing to do this. And we know that we all gain energy and joy from sharing in the work.

Please plan to come on June 9 and please share any ideas you have prior to June 9 with Francie at