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Join the Sand Hill Road Turtle Watch.

The Putney Conservation Commission needs to know when turtles are crossing Sand Hill Road. We anticipate increased turtle crossings in late spring when females are searching for nesting sites and again when baby turtles are hatching and on the move in summer. Currently we have no specific information on peak turtle crossing dates.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? VTrans will close the Putney Village Bridge over Sacketts Brook for at least 10 days sometime between May and September in 2016 or 2017 in order to replace the bridge platform and surface. The state will designate I-91 between Exits 4 and 5 as a Putney Village by-pass during the construction period. However. most Route 5 traffic probably will use Sand Hill Road as a by-pass. The Conservation Commission will need to plan for wildlife safety on Sand Hill Road during the bridge closing.

WHAT TO DO: If you see a turtle crossing Sand Hill Road, please e-mail the date, time, and turtle species (if you know it) to:

If you want to help a turtle across the road, be sure to move it in the direction it is going, and only to the other side of the road. (If it is a snapping turtle as shown in the photo, it’s best to guard it as it crosses and DON’T TRY TO PICK IT UP or try to drag it with a stick. They are more agile with their very sharp beaks and claws than is evident.)