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Kimball Hill Rd on Halloween Night

Per conversations I’ve had online and in person in years past, I inquired with the town manager about the feasibility of closing Kimball Hill Rd between Main St and Sand Hill Rd for 2 hours on Halloween evening (detouring via Sand Hill- except in the case of residents in that stretch).
She agreed to bring the item before the Selectboard at the next meeting- which is Wednesday, 10/12. Her concerns include the impact on the businesses in that stretch and the residents.
She said it would be great if some parents wanted to come to the meeting Wednesday- it begins at 5:30 and she said she would put this item first on the agenda.

I know that this stretch is already, de facto, THE place to go in Putney on Halloween- but maybe a component of this proposal (assuming it goes through) could include taking up a donation for goodies that residents in this stretch could then use?