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Landmark College Update on COVID-19 Testing of Students, Faculty, and Staff 11-24-2020

Landmark College is keeping the surrounding community apprised of our approach to offering residential and online programs to our students during the Fall 2020 semester. This includes health and safety protocols related to preventing spread of the novel coronavirus.

On the days of November 11 and November 19, Health Services administered 556 COVID-19 tests to students, faculty, and staff members, resulting in one positive test. The College worked with the Vermont Department of Health to conduct contact tracing. There is currently no one in isolation or contact quarantine. Complete testing data from August 10 onward can be found at This page is updated every Tuesday.

As planned and recommended by the State of Vermont, students departed for the Thanksgiving break on Friday, November 20 and will complete the final three weeks of the semester online. There are four students still on campus under the hardship exception. We will test any students that remain on campus, along with faculty and staff, on December 7.

“We are pleased with how the Landmark College community has managed the pandemic during the Fall semester,” Landmark College President Dr. Peter Eden said of the low number of incidences. “We appreciate the support we’ve received from the Town of Putney, and we are confident that we will be able to continue to mitigate any coronavirus exposure and spread over the winter and spring.”

In keeping with the latest State of Vermont recommendations, the College has re-evaluated on-campus staffing and increased remote work arrangements. All Landmark College community members are also required to self-monitor for symptoms daily and report them using a COVID-specific app, self-isolate if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or are exposed to another individual who tests positive for COVID-19, and comply with all protocols for testing, face-covering, hand-washing, and physical distancing.

The College’s Critical Incident Response Team continues to meet weekly to review and monitor policies and procedures informed by state guidelines and best practices.

Members of the campus leadership team meet weekly with the presidents of other independent Vermont colleges throughout the semester in order to remain united in our individual and collective efforts to deliver a college education this semester.

The Health Services staff meets weekly with the Vermont Department of Health and college health services and leadership teams.
Questions about Landmark College policies and protocols related to COVID-19 testing and management should be directed to