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Landmark College Update on COVID-19 Testing of Students, Faculty, and Staff (February 19, 2021)

Landmark College has conducted the second round of regularly scheduled COVID-19 tests for faculty and staff, and third round of testing for students, during the Spring 2021 semester, and is reporting the following information to the surrounding community.

Health Services administered 518 COVID-19 tests on February 17 and February 18, resulting in 11 positive tests. Eight of the positive tests came from students and 3 came from staff members.

In accordance with previously established protocols, students who have tested positive are being moved to isolation housing on campus where they will remain until they are cleared by Health Services to return to their residence halls. The staff members who tested positive have been instructed to isolate at home.

Health Services and the Vermont Department of Health will be conducting contact tracing around the individuals who tested positive to determine any individuals who may need to be placed in quarantine.

Complete testing data can be found at This page is updated every Tuesday.

The College has scheduled new testing dates on February 24 and March 3. These are in addition to other testing dates already planned by the College for the Spring 2021 semester.

In keeping with the latest State of Vermont recommendations, the College continues to provide remote working arrangements for staff where possible. All Landmark College community members are also required to self-monitor for symptoms daily and report them using a COVID-specific app, self-isolate if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or are exposed to another individual who tests positive for COVID-19, and comply with all protocols for testing, face-covering, hand-washing, physical distancing, and travel.

The College’s Critical Incident Response Team continues to meet weekly to review and monitor policies and procedures informed by state guidelines and best practices.

Members of the campus leadership team meet weekly with the presidents of other independent Vermont colleges throughout the semester to learn how each are managing spikes in positive cases while continuing to deliver a college education to students in as safe a manner as possible.

The Health Services staff meets weekly with the Vermont Department of Health and college health services and leadership teams.

Questions about Landmark College policies and protocols related to COVID-19 testing and management should be directed to