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Last Chance To Register For NEYT Junior Company Winter Play!

Run, don’t walk to reserve your spot in The Hundred Dresses, the Junior Company Winter Play! Roles available for ALL GENDERS. Financial aid available as well. Join Rebecca Waxman (pictured in middle of photo) on this incredible journey! Performances dates are March 6 – March 14. NO AUDITION REQUIRED. For actors 9-12 years old.

Go to or call 802.246.6398 or email to register.

Show synopsis:
Maddie is distressed. She knows she didn’t do the right thing, but can she make amends before its too late? Based on the Newbery Award winning book, this timeless tale follows the story of Wanda Petronski, who simply wants to have fun and make friends, just like every other child. But in 1930’s small town America, a Polish immigrant doesn’t easily fit in. At her new school, Wanda quickly becomes the object of her classmate’s ridicule. When the bullying doesn’t stop, the children arrive one day to see that Wanda’s once occupied seat is left empty. That leaves Maddie, a bystander on the playground, questioning if saying nothing to a bully is as bad as being the bully herself. Written nearly 80 years ago, this relevant tale rings true in today’s world. When it matters most, we all think we would do the right thing; but when it comes down to it – do we really have what it takes?