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Like Sheep? Be a Shepherd for a day or more this summer. Volunteers Needed.

This will be the 6th summer of PMA’s grazing program, using sheep to discourage the proliferation of invasive glossy buckthorn on Putney Mountain’s summit. Sheep will arrive sometime in June, and stay possibly through September. Each day, we need someone to tend the sheep, giving them water from the tank on the summit and a little grain from the supply kept up there.

We depend on volunteers make this program possible. Some volunteers go once a week, some once or twice a month. It usually takes an hour or two. We make a schedule for the summer that reflects the needs of both the sheep and volunteers. Volunteers generally go in pairs. There will be training for new volunteers and we pair them with an experienced shepherd. It’s easy and fun. Come try it. We’d be so grateful for whatever time you could share.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Claire Wilson at