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Local, Homegrown Music this Saturday at Katy’s

Homegrown and Local Music, by Amelia Struthers and Mike Mrowicki will be featured at Katy’s Great Food , 118 Main St. Putney, Vt .on Saturday, February 25 from 7-9 pm.

The musical duo, also known as Vermont Timbre, will share original songs from their upcoming album, Songs Along the Way.
“This batch of songs started percolating through the last recording we made, Love in Kindness”. Mrowicki share. “One of the songs on that recording, Inviting the Bell to Sound , was about the need to feed our soul. That inner drive is so prevalent for so many,here in Vermont and in this area, it shows up in all sorts of ways, including the arts. It’s no different for us. to plant in that fertile seed bed here, for connecting with what’s important beyond the everyday, and sharing it with others.”

“Most folks around here have that duality and complexity, of experience in their lives , and we’re no different.” Ms. Struthers related. “Music , for us, makes that connection to the soul and the singing and playing are the practice for actualizing what’s inside. And, as importantly, having fun with that energy.”

With Mrowicki’s guitar playing and Struthers multi – instrumentation of guitar, concertina and recorder, the simple music creates a gentle background for the vocals, which soar and dance around lyrics they hope lend credence to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. A hope,that we are indeed an evolving species, has come into question of late, with the national election. Here in Vermont, though, we keep bucking national trends and are leaders in how to live the good life.
In this case, that starts with combining fresh food and local music for a flavor that will soothe the soul.

For more information or reservations, please call Katy’s at 802. 536.4196