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Local Legislators Host May 2 Community Zoom Meeting

Rep. Nader Hashim and Mike Mrowicki of the Windham 4 Legislative District of Dummerston, Putney and Westminster will host a Community Zoom Meeting for constituents of those towns, this Saturday, May 2 from 10-11 am.

With the COVID 19 Stay Home-Stay Safe order still in place, and opportunities for public forums are limited to online meetings, Reps.Hashim and Mrowicki can update you on Legislative action. They’re also eager to hear from people with questions and suggestions on how best to deal with the immediate situation of the COVID crisis, as well as looking ahead to how best open up the economy, our education system, and deal with the long-standing issues of Climate Action, and Justice issues, etc.

To join in the meeting, email Rep .Mrowicki for Zoom information. or call 802-387-8787 for call-in info.