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Local Legislators Host Meeting

Local Legislators, Rep. Mike Mrowicki and Rep. Nader Hashim will be holding Open Hours to chat with constituents at the Westminster West Library on Saturday February 16 from 11am to Noon.

One month into the Legislative session, your local Reps are continuing their series of meetings with constituents to provide an update on work , to date.

At this time in the session, House members are working on bills originating in the House.
Bills are being submitted, assigned to committees ,where committees decide which bills will get priority and be worked on. Later, after “cross-over”, they’ll take up bills sent over from the Senate- and vice-versa.

To date there have been over 800 bills submitted for consideration and by the sessions end, that number will probably be close to two thousand. Each session, about 10 per cent of bills offered for consideration actually pass and are enacted into law.

The trajectory of a bill is, as designed by the founders in our Constitution , a difficult and arduous journey. In that way, any new laws or changes to established law are not done capriciously. There is the option to bring new laws into being and amend laws that need corrections or updating.

If you’re unable to attend, your local legislators can still be contacted via email;

Calls can also be made to the Statehouse, at 800-325-5616, where messages will be delivered.