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Looking For A Lovely Home on or before 5/1/21

My name is Catie and I am a local school teacher with two wonderful children(3.5 and almost 7). We are looking for a lovely home ON or BEFORE May 1 in Putney or surrounding areas. We have excellent local references, and are kind community members. Ideally we are looking for a place in nature but accessible to town with ease. We garden and would like a space for that, and need access to a washer dryer. We’re looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom, with beautiful light, a quiet environment, and kind neighbors. Bathtub is a bonus! My budget is 800-1100. If it includes some or all utilities, that would be wonderful, but not necessary. We are a non-smoking household and have no pets. Please email me at or text or call at 207-650-2231 with questions or if you have an idea of a nice home for us. Thanks so much and have a beautiful day!