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Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman To Speak in Putney

Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman will speak at the Putney Firehouse, Rt. 5 in Putney, from  7-8pm on Tuesday, Sept. 19th., hosted by the Putney Town Democratic Committee. The meeting is open to the public.

The meeting is part of the legally mandated Political Party Re-organization As we start the process of preparing for the next election cycle, the Lt. Gov. will help kick things off and speak to the challenge of getting involved and keeping Vermont “Blue” in light of all the “Dark Money” coming into Vermont from Republican PAC’s such as the Koch Brothers, Republican Stale Leadership Committee. in Wash DC.

After the Lt. Gov, speaks and takes questions, from 7-8pm. Putney Democrats will caucus and meet to fulfill the requirements for Re-organizing. They will be electing their Committee leadership team and delegates to the county committee. From the County committee, the delegates to the state party are elected, so those wanting to influence party policy , can start at the ground level .

All are welcome to the talk by Lt. Gov. Zuckerman. Anyone wishing to commit to working with the local Democratic party is welcome to participate in the re-org caucus, and help join together to “be the change, we want to see”.

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