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MANAGER’S NOTES-from the Putney Town Manager

Happy New Year 2015!! In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions I have set a goal this year to work on bridging the communication gap between local government and the community. There are so many communication tools available to us but the most common complaint in any municipality is that information is not reaching its citizens.

The first step will be a monthly update from my office. A short “Manager’s Notes”, letting you know what we are working on, what meetings are coming up and other miscellaneous Town of Putney/Town Hall happenings.

The second step for me will be to get out of my office more and meet you face to face. I love technology, it is a great tool, but the best form of communication for me is in person and face to face. I would also like to invite you to stop by my office anytime, just to introduce yourself, ask questions, lodge complaints, offer ideas or just to say hello. If you are hosting an event in town and it is appropriate for me to come and introduce myself, please contact me, I would love to be able to do that.

The third step will be working with feedback from you and other municipalities to select the best technology based applications available for communicating events, emergencies, and information to our citizens.

I am hopeful, that by taking these steps that the citizens of the Town of Putney will feel more informed, become involved and feel that their local government is working for them.

What we are working on right now…

Town report and Town meeting preparations are underway.

At the last Selectboard meeting, the proposed FY16 General Fund, Sewer and Water Budget were passed. They will be published in the Town Report for the Annual Town Meeting but if you would like a copy of any of the budgets before then please contact me and I would be glad to get them to you.

Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Putney Town Hall, we will be hosting a candidate’s forum. This forum is for potential town officer candidates. For more information on open positions please contact the Town Clerks Office at (802) 387-5862 x13.

We are looking for residents who are interested in serving on the Putney Energy Committee. Please visit for more information.

I continue to work on several ongoing projects, the priorities this winter are the Village Sidewalk extension to Landmark College, Road and Culvert Inventory Project and Water and Wastewater Capital Asset and Maintenance plan. If any of these topics are of interest to you please let me know.

My office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and I can be reached at (802) 387-5862×11 or at I look forward to meeting you in 2015 and building relationships that will last far beyond this year!!! Thanks for reading, Cynthia Stoddard, Putney Town Manager