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Mandala Magic art-making series

Learn to draw beautiful Mandalas in the upcoming Mandala Magic drawing workshop series Sundays January 25, Jan 18 and Feb 1. 3-5pm. at the Shiatsu School of VT, Midtown Mall, High Street, down the hall from the Backside Cafe. Explore Mandala forms with the Zentangle method of relaxed drawing as well as ‘grow your own’ and learn many ways you can build beautiful mandalas using easy techniques and finding your focus and flow! No art skills needed. Materials provided. Info and registration at

SUN. Jan. 18: Zentangle Mandalas Part 1: Symmetry and Asymmetrical
Introduction to drawing mandalas using Zentangle patterns, and playing with symmetrical strings or structures and asymmetrical hand-drawn strings. This is a great next-step class for your Zentangle drawing skills or just as a refresher.

SUN. Jan. 25: Zentangle Mandalas Part 2: Building
Snowflake Mandalas
Learn tricks to use a simple paper snowflake as inspiration and template for drawing more complex mandala layouts. Using the same snowflake can yield a different structure each time with this method.

SUN. Feb 1: Zentangle Mandalas Part 3: Color Mandalas
Introduction to using color with your mandalas, using watercolor pencils to make a reference color wheel mandala.

Info and registration at