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May turtle sightings on Sand Hill Road

Between May 1 and May 11, 7 turtles were reported crossing Sand Hill Road. Many were snappers ranging in size from 6” to 24”. Pat Gross reported seeing a painted turtle on May 11. With the help of some kind and thoughtful community members a few turtles received assistance in crossing to where they could lay their eggs.

We received sad news, on Friday, that a painted turtle mom, bearing eggs, was hit and crushed by a car just outside the sand pit on the east side of the Wilson Wetlends. We will be relocating the turtle crossing sign on that end in hopes that it will remind drivers so proceed slowly and to watch for turtles trying to cross.

Thank you to all who shared their turtles adventures. Please continue to report turtle crossings as you see them, especially after the eggs have hatched and families are crossing back to their homes. Send sightings and pictures to

Thank you,
The Putney Conservation Commission