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Meet-and-Greet with Nader Hashim at VCP

Come join candidate for state senate Nader Hashim at the Vermont Center for Photography (VCP) on May 21st, from 2-:3:30, for a meet-and-greet!
Nader Hashim, a previously elected democratic state representative, is hoping to meet folks in Brattleboro and surrounding communities to hear about their concerns and questions regarding state government.

As a hobbyist photographer, Nader is grateful for the opportunity to meet with other artists at the VCP, and discuss the value of the creative economy. Beyond the creative economy, Nader is also focused on supporting and discussing legislation related to housing, workforce development, and climate change. In his previous term as a state representative, Nader was a strong advocate for raising the minimum wage, paid family leave, criminal justice reform, and protecting reproductive healthcare.

There will be light refreshments and brief remarks at 3:00pm.

Disclaimers: This event is paid for by the committee to elect Nader Hashim. The VCP as an organization does not endorse any candidates.