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New Covid-19 Tracking Tool and Resources from VT Dept. of Health

The Vermont Department of Health has launched a new go-to resource for Vermonters to see an in-depth picture of COVID-19 activity in Vermont.

The COVID-19 data dashboard can be found at Visitors to the site can click on the map of Vermont to access a variety of case and other virus activity data in the state.

The new dashboard expands on the core data previously provided about the number of cases, people being monitored, hospitalizations and deaths.

You can now view:
• Cases by date (new and cumulative)
• Cases by age group
• Cases by gender
• Information at the county level ¬– total cases, new cases, deaths, and cases per 10,000 people (presented in list and map form)

This information is updated by 11 a.m. daily and will allow all Vermonters to see more of what we know about cases right now and how they may be impacting the state.

The Health Department has also expanded its COVID-19 web pages to more easily deliver content to specific groups.

New pages include: Frequently Asked Questions, Long-term Care and Group Living Facilities, Schools and Child Care Programs, Coping with Stress, and more. All information, resources and guidance on the website are continually reviewed and updated as needed.