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New Energy Committee forming

Dear friends,

At last nights Selectboard meeting, the Selectboard decided to create a new official Putney Energy Committee.
This is a good thing for several reasons;

1. The committee will now work more closely with the town, to bring about energy saving changes, projects and results.
2. The committee will have a budget, so will not need to fund raise or donate funds for activities.
3. There will no longer be confusion about who is on the committee or when/where meetings are, and there will be official notes to record for every meeting.
4. Open meeting laws will now apply, so public notice for every meeting will be posted – the public is as always welcome to attend.
5. The committee and contacts will be listed on the web page.
6. There will no longer be any ambiguity about the committee; ad hoc vs. appointed.
7. The town manager will now be happier about the committee work and has a much clearer idea of the scope of her involvement.

As I understand from last nights meeting, existing PEC members will be welcome to join the new 5-9 member group. Everyone is welcome especially people with new skill sets and ideas.

Please contact Cynthia Stoddard if you are interested in being on the new committee.

The first charge of this new group will be to review the Towns’ Putney Energy Committee charter from 1970 to revise if necessary and offer that for approval.

As of today, I am stepping down as Putney Energy Committee Chair. I am happy to help as needed and will remain active as Town Energy Coordinator. I will continue to offer free consulting for LED lighting, energy and weatherization. My current project is Solarize 2.0

I have had the honor of leading the group since May 2006, when Bob Walker from Serg visited Putney and held a preliminary meeting at the Putney Tavern porch. Bob was instrumental in the creation of the current Putney Energy Committee. He is a great resource, and is willing to lend a hand in the creation of new energy committees, as is Johanna Miller from VNRC/VECAN 802-223-2328 X112

Originally the Putney Energy Committee formed in 1977 as a Selectboard appointed group, the Putney Energy Committee was one of the first energy groups in Vermont. Recognized by Richard Snelling then Governor of Vermont, on May 20th 1977.
From 2006 to the present, PEC was an ad hoc group.

So the PEC has come full circle, and it is time for new people to step up. Now more than ever it is important to help limit climate change by all means at hand; energy conservation, new energy projects, solarize programs, weatherization programs, better standards, more awareness and above all – working together in the community to effect change that is both inspirational and has lasting effect on the sustainability of our community and ultimately in a small part – the human race.

Daniel Hoviss
802 254 1410