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Brattleboro, Oct 2021 – – Beginning on Wednesday, October 13th Inclusion Center will be offering a range of support groups, and entertaining mini-sessions, on-line. The Topic for the first two support groups will be Living with a chronic disability or health issue, and Parents of children (of any age) who have died. The first of our mini sessions will be an Open mic.

Inclusion Center was founded in 2013 by people with disabilities and their family members as a place for all people who have disabilities or health issues to connect, learn and have fun. For the first seven years, Inclusion Center met each week, in person, in southern Vermont.

When Covid came Inclusion Center participants decided to meet on-line. “I never thought I’d like being on-line. I didn’t think it would work at all. But after the first month I think I might even prefer meeting on line!” stated Judy Carnes, from Hinsdale, New Hampshire.

During the past year, Inclusion Center activities have included political discussions, conversation cafes on a number of topics, improv and games. Inclusion Center participants have decided to continue meeting on-line until the virus is no longer prevalent.

Anyone who has a disability or health issue of any degree is welcome to join our activities. All activities are free. Closed captioning is available for each on-line event.

For more information about Inclusion Center or our new on-line sessions, contact Julie Tamler at 802-387-5285.