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New Reiki Practice in Putney

Darker days and lower temperatures can lead many of us to experience negative moods and attitudes. Reiki is a gentle form of energy work originating in Japan that can help with stress reduction and relaxation and promote feelings of well-being. Many people report feeling peaceful and lighter after treatments, and for some, it can reduce pain and assist with emotional and physical healing.

I offer 50-minute treatments in the Tavern Building at 133 Main Street on Thursdays and Fridays. The cost is on a sliding scale ranging from $10 to $50. Call or text 802.380.0582 to make an appointment, or email Home visits are available for elders and people with limited mobility.

Meghan Houlihan is a Level II Reiki practitioner with trainings and attunements from Neil Chaput de Saintonge in Missoula, MT and Sanctuary Healing Arts in Amherst, MA.