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Osher Lecture Series returning to Brattleboro Area

October 3, 10 & 17, 2022
Osher Lecture Series to Begin in Putney, VT

The Brattleboro Area Osher Lifelong Learning Insitute – OLLI is VERY excited to announce that the Osher lecture series is coming back to the Brattleboro area! Next Stage Arts Project and Putney Community Cares are the local sponsors for the program, and all OLLI events will be at Next Stage in Putney! The first session is right around the corner — a 3-part lecture series starting October 3, 2022. Jim Levinson will be presenting “Helping Poor People in Poor Countries: What Works”

For detailed information on the focus of each lecture and for pre-registration info, go to


This 3-part program examines primary problems and determinants of these problems in countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America with special attention to young children and reproductive-age women. What progress has been made, and with what approaches? All events held from 10 am — 12:30 pm at Next Stage in Putney, VT. Go to for more information.

October 3, 2022:
1. Which countries in the world are in the worst trouble…and why? What’s been done to address the problem by the U.S., the U.N., and NGOs and how has this assistance evolved over the past 70 years? How does U.S. spending on foreign aid and military aid compare? What progress has been made? What has been the effect of climate change, conflict and COVID?
2. When children & reproductive-age mothers are undernourished, what are the immediate causes? How can these be addressed? e.g.
a. Infectious disease
b. Inadequate caloric intake
c. Inadequate micronutrient intake

October 10, 2022:
1. When children & reproductive-age mothers are undernourished, what are the underlying causes? How can they be addressed? e.g.
a. Food insecurity; poverty
b. Problematic child caring and self-care practices; education shortcomings
c. Poor water/sanitation/hygiene (WASH)
d. Inadequate health services
2. Is it a good idea to try changing behaviors? And if yes, how would well-meaning development workers go about it?

October 17, 2022:
1. An interesting tool: Positive deviance. What does it mean and how can we use it? The example of Egypt.
2. Three case studies: Peru, Brazil and Bangladesh.

Jim Levinson has been working in these countries since 1965 and has served on the faculty of New England universities since 1971 (MIT, Tufts, and the Boston University School of Public Health). He also served as Director of Nutrition of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Washington and worked with UNICEF, FAO, WHO, the World Bank, and Save the Children. He served as spiritual leader of Jewish synagogues in New England for 25 years and is actively involved in Compassionate Brattleboro.
Jim has also been a classical music addict since the age of 4, and so, since there’s a piano on the stage of the Next Stage Arts Project, 20 minutes of each session will be devoted to a music quiz—these are dedicated in honor of Ede Thomas. Jim is contributing his fee for these lectures to Calcutta Kids, a maternal child health program in the slums of India, started by his son.

PRE-REGISTRATION: New Registration Process! We can no longer take any payments or registrations at the door. All members or attendees are strongly encouraged to pre-register prior to the start of the program. Preregistration required for semester membership ($20) or to attend individual lectures ($8 each). Go to the website to pre-register online and for additional payment options:

HEALTH & SAFETY FOR UVM-SPONSORED EVENTS: Whether held at UVM or at a non-UVM facility or location, non-credit functions/activities/offerings are governed by the same health and safety policies. As such, UVM expects event participants, visitors and guests will be vaccinated. Masks are optional and welcomed. If the event is taking place at a non-UVM venue, consideration must be given to the requirements of the host site and the more stringent requirements will apply.

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