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Pass the Love project

Abd, our steady volunteer at the Putney Foodshelf and long-time Putney resident, was without a car the first seven years he lived in the area. He hitchhiked often and always offered gas money for the rides he received. Everyone refused, and at one point someone told him to just “Pass the Love.” At that point, his English wasn’t that strong, so he had to ask for clarification about its meaning, and the people who gave him the ride explained it to him.
Fast forward to 2017, and Abd wants to initiate the “Pass the Love” project. Already a steady volunteer at the Putney Foodshelf, Abd has also donated money to purchase cheese at the Foodshelf. His generous donation will keep the Foodshelf supplied with cheese for months to come.

We’re helping Abd advertise this “Pass the Love” project. Has someone helped you? Done something nice for you or a loved one?

Say thanks by paying it forward. Two ways you can accomplish that are as follows:

• Donate to the Pass the Love project. This can be done by donating to the Foodshelf for our cheese fund or for other healthy food to support our mission.

• Pass the Love by doing something nice for someone else — a kind act or a donation of some kind. Or donate to another worthy group, which helps them pass the love.

Let us know how you passed the love. Or received the love! We post on iPutney and on Facebook, and would love to share your story. ( or