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Past Life Regression – Believe It or Not

Past Life Regression and Age Regression use hypnosis to help you retrieve forgotten memories from this life or from a different life in the past. Regressions are often used to help a client remember a traumatic past event, which remains unresolved in the subconscious mind and results in anxieties or phobias which seem to have no apparent cause. When the forgotten memory is made conscious and brought to a conscious level of understanding, the phobia or anxiety often disappears. In the case of past life regressions it is held that memories from before the current life can be retrieved.
How does one explain past life memories, which can be documented by meticulous historical research. Or how do people, in the course of a past life regression, suddenly begin speaking foreign languages or languages that are no longer spoken? Situations such as these have also been well documented. Another possibility is that past life memories are actually memory fragments of collective conscious experience. My feeling is that where ever this information comes from, it is brought to light for the good of the person undergoing a past life regression. It is important that the experience be put into the context of what is meaningful to the person’s current life situation. It really does not matter whether the past life “memory” is real or only creative fantasy. In either case, information is being discovered which has profound importance to the hypnotic subject who is experiencing a past life regression.
Past life regressions and the images of our souls in terms of different lives, even if these images are imaginary, can be the ultimate life reframing experience. They show patterns of behavior, challenges, anxieties, problems and successes, which shine light on present day life. In this sense, past life regressions are highly consistent with what is the primary goal of much of hypnotherapy: the uncovering of persistent patterns, which obstruct or even sabotage personal growth and self-realization.
A session of past life regression would take one and a half hours. It starts out by putting the client under hypnosis through deep relaxation. Once in the state of hypnosis, the hypnotist will guide the client through to a past life. The hypnotist writes down the experience as the client says what is going on. The hypnotist guides the client to be looking down upon the situation as a viewer from above. If you are interested in experiencing a past life regression, please contact Susan Rosano, MA, CCH, at or give her a call at 802-254-6201. For more information, visit Susan’s website at