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PCS Budget Priorities discussed on 12/15/23

The Putney Central School Leadership Council will meet in person at the PCS Library on Wednesday, 12/15/23 at 5pm — the focus of this meeting will be an Introduction to WSESD district and Putney Central School budget development considerations! Principal Jon Sessions has put together a presentation (linked below) that gives an overview of the FY24 budget, which is currently in process. The PCS budget is a portion of the overall WSESD budget, which we all have the opportunity to vote on at the WSESD annual meeting in March 2024. Everyone in Putney is able to vote on the WSESD budget during the in-person WSESD annual meeting in March 2024 and the school district budget has an impact on our taxes in Putney — this is NOT a discussion only for parents/caregivers of a PCS child. Please come to Wednesdays meeting to get a sense of what the budgeting process is & talk about PCS budget priorities.