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Piano Lessons for Kids of All Ages

Learn the value of being a music maker by playing songs you love. My name is Matt Mabry and I love exploring music on the piano. My most recent joy is playing boogie-woogie blues for my 2 year old while she dances around the room with her elbows pumping. I also enjoy playing jazz standards, broadway musicals, sing-alongs – basically fun stuff that brings life to our house (especially on these dark winter nights). Most of the lessons I give to students are unique, depending on the student’s style and what they are looking to achieve, but I believe that kids should be empowered to create their own music and to explore music that inspires them.
I teach lessons from my home studio in Putney, Vermont. Total beginner? No problem. Have some experience playing the piano but want to learn more about playing with chords and by ear? Bring it on.
Individual lessons available for children of all ages – $25 for half hour lesson – $40 for one hour lesson.
If you’d like to learn more about how I work/play or have a chat I’d love to hear from you –