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PLACE Program “YouTube” Links are now available!

Where is the “Putney Desert”? (Hint: this is a bedrock well question.)

Why were 75% of Vermont’s forests, including Putney’s, gone by the mid-1800’s?

Claire Dacey of the University of Vermont/Shelburne Farms PLACE Program presents a sweeping review of Putney’s geology, cultural history and ecology in three presentations.  Follow the links below.

Water and Stone:​  ​

Shaped by Human Hands​:​​ ​

Our Wild Neighbors​: ​

In the fall of 2005, the Vermont Land Trust funded Putney’s participation in the Place-based Landscape Analysis and Community Education Program (PLACE). PLACE sponsors Shelburne Farms and the University of Vermont sent Coordinator Claire Dacey to spend 18 months researching Putney with a group of interested residents.  Thanks to Emily Richards (and BCTV) and Emily Zervas, director of the Putney Library, you can now use the above links to see the three amazing PLACE program presentations on YouTube