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Post election Candle Light Vigil to Celebrate Vermont Values

Vigil for Vermont Values – Sat. November 19 at 5:30 pm
Across from Putney Co-OP where the farmers market meets.

The Presidential Election of 2016 has left many of us shocked, grieving and bewildered at what happened and what will happen next.

Anger and Fear were used to divide and conquer nationwide, while here in Vermont, we maintain our values of mutual respect, civility and community.

At a time of such concern about the future, an opportunity is to stand and show the world that Vermont Values will not fade in these times. At such a time, it can also be helpful to gather with others who have similar feelings to show solidarity with each other and know, we are not alone -and there is light to show the way forward.

Let’s shine that Light together in a vigil at the Putney Farmers market space , across from the Putney Co-Op at 5:30pm on Saturday, November 19.

Bring a candle, bring a friend , spread the word and let’s gather to start the next part of our journey into a future that counters darkness with Light.

Interested in helping organize; email Mike at

Thanks !

Mike Mrowicki