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Public Statement on C19 Testing from Putney Residents Sen. Jeanette White & Rep. Mike Mrowicki

Protecting you and your loved ones and all Vermonters is our number one concern. In these uncertain, unsettling times we are all looking for things we can do and control.

With COVID 19, Testing can provide us with some answers to our uncertainties.
Ultimately, Testing is Protection.

In areas around the world that have gotten ahead of COVID 19, testing was key. It is extremely important for us to ramp up our testing. To that end , we now have more Testing Sites around the state, including a Testing Site here in Putney at Landmark College.

As Putney residents, we understand there may be questions. Why here? Is it safe? How will it affect our community? Will non Putney residents come here for testing?

People across the state are asking those same questions of Testing Sites in their communities.

The answers: we need multiple sites and many communities are hosting the sites, not just Putney; it is safe -no one can just come to be tested, they must be sent by their doctor – they are urged not to make stops along the way but to go to and from the site and it staffed by trained professionals; non Putney residents will come here for testing just as non Brattleboro residents go to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and the Putney Medical Office that serves both Putney and non Putney residents;

Understandably, there will be questions. If you have any medical questions about this, please contact a medical provider or the Vermont Department of Health. For other questions about COVID 19 response, feel free to be in touch with us.

In the big picture, testing, and more testing is how we can bring some certainty to this crisis.
Testing is Protection and will make us all more secure.

We will get through this by being safe, and working together. Here’s an opportunity to work together to protect ourselves, and all Vermonters.

Sen. Jeanette White. Rep. Mike Mrowicki