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Putney Advisory Committee Members

The Putney Town Plan is a document prepared by the Putney Planning Commission with the assistance of other community boards, individuals, and professional planners, like the staff of the Windham Regional Commission. The Plan is structured to meet explicit requirements found in Vermont State Statute Title 24, Chapter 117: Municipal and Regional Planning and Development. This “enabling” statue describes a Municipal Plan as “statement of objectives, policies and programs of the municipality to guide the future growth and development of land, public services and facilities, and to protect the environment”. The Planning Commission is gearing up to commence on revising the Town Plan which expires in 2023. Much work is required and the Planning Commission can’t do the work alone.

The Planning Commission is seeking candidates to serve in an “advisory” capacity for two committees. The ideal size for each committee is five candidates. Names and letters of interest can be sent to, Pip Bannister, Planning Commission Chair or Karen Astley, Town Manager.

The goals and responsibilities for the Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) are not limited to the following: Provide recommendations to town officials with regard to sustaining and promoting local agricultural. Recommending goals, policies, relative to the local agricultural industry. Advise on issues or concerns related to the use, development, and preservation of farms and farmland and the pursuit of a resilient local food security systems for the Town of Putney. Ideally, this Committee should have representation from local farmers, growers, farmers market, farmers’ garden, current use property owners or anyone else who would like to assist.

The goals and responsibilities for the Economic Development Advisory Committee are not limited to the following: Meet as required to provide recommendations to town officials related to sustaining and promoting local economy. Recommend creative community-based strategies to promote economic growth; preserve and enhance neighborhoods and the environment; and improve the quality of life for all residents. Foster a vibrant, prosperous and growing community through community development by implementing strategies resulting in balanced and sustainable economic growth and stability for business as well as recreational and tourist activities. Looking for business owners, grant writers, non-profit organizational leaders, small business owners who are willing to collaborate together.

The town plan can be found at this link: