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In an effort to assist residents in our time of uncertainty the Town of Putney has created two surveys for public access. We hope all the glitches are ironed out but one never knows until it is out in the public. Any issues with either survey please contact This is uncharted territory.

The Town of Putney is seeking to comprehend and document the impacts of COVID-19 on our community businesses. The first survey Putney Business Survey is specific to local businesses in town and what services you currently provide under the COVID-19 restrictions.
The Town of Putney is seeking to document locally raised or grown resources readily available in our Community. The second survey is Locally Grown/Produced Resources specific to growers in Putney.

Accurate responses to the questions will assist the Town as we continue to assess and respond to unfolding events caused by COVID-19. These surveys will not be used for any other purpose. It is only to assist the community and possibly enhance the betterment of our local resources. These surveys can also be accessed on Putney based Facebook pages.

Karen M. Astley, Town Manager
April 3, 2020