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Putney Cares and Putney Family Services Merge to Create Putney Community Cares

For over six months, members of Putney Cares and Putney Family Services boards have been meeting to explore merging the organizations to coordinate and increase services to Putney community members. On June 11, 2018, a new combined board met for the first time and began to enact details of the merger. First on the list was agreeing to the new name, Putney Community Cares, and the new logo, a combination of the Putney Family Services sunburst and the new name.

Board members of the new organization are: Tiffin Mabry, President; Elizabeth Ehrenberg, Vice President; Alan Blood, Treasurer, and Maggie Cassidy, Secretary. Also serving are Julie Forsythe, Ellen Strong, Dylan Devlin and Stephen Green. At its first meeting, the board approved a new mission statement and bylaws, and set a timetable for launching the new organization.

Putney Community Cares Mission Statement states that the organization’s mission is “to foster the health, well being and independence of all members of our community, from newborns to our most senior, by strengthening family and community bonds. We serve individuals, families, and elders in our community. We provide outreach, direct support, programming and connection to services. Putney Community Cares is dedicated to building and maintaining a vital, healthy Putney community.”

Abby Jacobson, Program Coordinator, and Kate Kelly, Community Advocate, will continue in their roles. Programs and office hours will remain as they are (Monday – Friday 10a.m – 3 p.m.) and phones and email will remain in place during the transition. Abby can be reached at: 802-387-5593/ & Kate can be reached at: 802-387-2120/