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Putney Coop Deli Opens Christmas Eve

Craving a Putney Club, a Falafal Wrap, a BAM? Bet you are. The Deli at The Putney Food Co-op has been closed for weeks, as the contractors worked like mad to build us a new kitchen and dining room, and it’s done, it’s done! Tomorrow, Monday, Christmas Eve, we’re OPEN. Christopher, Robyn (interesting word-play) have pulled off a near-impossible feat, in record time, and a lot of sweat equity went into this, some anxiety, too. You’ve been patient, and we love you for that. But now we’re here, better than ever, and that Putney Club you’ve been dreaming of can now be yours, just for the asking. We think you’re going to be impressed. A huge thank you to all of you who quietly moved mountains: the cooks who kept us going, making sandwiches at Nextstage, now prepping and cooking in the new space; to those who bent their backs, moving and installing equipment – hats off to you. It strikes me that we’re stronger than we ever were, and now we’re going to prove it, and you’re going to notice. Things just got better.