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Putney Democrats Organize to Support Women’s Reproductive Freedom

Will we…

The 2022 election will answer many questions, that start ,”will we…”
Will we take the lead on Women’s Reproductive Freedom, or will Vermont follow Texas?
Will we follow the Science on Covid and Climate, or will we follow the deniers?
Will we step up and address Racial and Social Justice and be a welcoming place for all?

The answers to those question will be answered at the ballot box . We we need your help, starting at the town level to answer the questions, of Will we….
On the ballot in 2022 will be electing state and federal officials, AND we will also be voting on two Amendments to the Vermont Constitution.
-Women’s Reproductive Freedom
Clarifying Language Banning Slavery (there was some ambiguous language that Vermont Communities of Color asked to be clarified, and we have.)

Tuesday Sept, 21 at 7pm, Putney Democrats will meet by Zoom to start the process of supporting those issues, and candidates, that support those issues. Please join this effort to support these issues and candidates to move Vermont forward and make progress with Justice.
To get Zoom info or more info, contact Mike Mrowicki at