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Putney Energy Committee to meet with Selectboard Nov 19th at 5:30pm

At tonight’s Putney Selectboard meeting it was decided that the Selectboard will invite the members of the Putney Energy Committee for a discussion about the future of the Putney Energy Committee.

Currently the PEC meets infrequently and is an ad hoc group – you can visit our web site for more information.

Many of our members volunteer for other formal civic positions so when PEC was first formed we decided to be an ad hoc group. The Selectboard has been very supportive of PEC, over the years and we as a group have been very effective in our out reach and have helped save the town and residents energy and money.

A list of past projects is here –and it has been an incredible run.

In the past, members of the energy committee have also been involved in many aspects of the town government, working on projects from emergency management, conservation, town plan updates, street light replacement and many other projects like CFL and LED light bulb drives, button up workshops and Solarize campaigns.

You can read about all that in the town reports online – energy coordinators section.

So looking into the future, with the evidence of climate change all around the globe today, and many new people moving to our small town; it is time to re-energize the Putney energy group, and work more closely with the town to bring about bigger changes in our energy usage, and our long term sustainability outlook.

There are many projects that could enhance our sustainability and lower our energy usage, but we need people like you to get involved.
To name just a few;
a. Town water system solar power backup
b. Town plan completion
c. Viable Bike project steps
d. Sidewalk extensions
e. Waste water micro hydro feasibility study
f. Energy Descent Action Plan

So you’re all invited to a joint PEC Selectboard meeting at town hall on Nov 19th at 5:30pm
Looking forward to seeing you then.
-Daniel Hoviss