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Putney Food Coop Curbside Ordering Now Available

How it works: You call our store and ask for curbside ordering.
You are sent to a staff member specifically assigned to do this.
Please give them

  • A list of no more than 20 items (including deli) that they will pull for you.
  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Member number if applicable

It is helpful if you are as general as possible with your selections, for instance, Olive Oil vs Spectrum Olive Oil.

They will then call you back once your order is pulled together and entered into our system. A staff member will call you to ask for your credit card number, expiration and CVV.
When you arrive for pickup you can either just pop your trunk and we can put groceries in or, we can bring out to the porch for you when you arrive.

Call 802-387-5866

Coop Hours 9am – 7pm Daily