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Putney Foodshelf Food4Kids food pantry at PCS

The Putney Foodshelf wraps up the school year with a successful Food4Kids food pantry at Putney Central School. The program provides supplemental staple foods to the students who attend Putney Central School (PCS). The mission is to empower kids to meet their own nutritional needs.

We believe people have the right to access food and to be nourished, and that students are able to learn best when they have full stomachs. By providing food in a safe, empowering and respectful way, we are inviting all students to take part in addressing their nutritional needs.

F4K offers food access to all students once per week and gives them the opportunity to choose the foods they’d like to eat and feel they can prepare themselves. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are available. The food is kid friendly, easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious. Foods offered are a mix of staples including, but not limited to, tuna, peanut butter, pasta, canned vegetables, and soup.

The program is free and open to all PCS students. We served approximately 127 students each week (about 71% of the entire student body). We’ve collected and distributed 9,727 pounds of food (some we purchased, some free) from the Vermont Food Bank in the past year.

Summer camp at PCS begins June 24th and Food4Kids will be available to serve the campers once per week for the seven weeks of camp. We encourage families to also visit the Putney Foodshelf on Tuesdays from 6–7pm and/or Saturdays from 9–10am. Bring your own bags to shop.

Thursday, June 27 from 9-9:45 a.m. there is also a Produce Drop at Putney Meadows. Free and open to all. Bring your own bags. (Produce Drops are in in coordination with the Vermont Foodbank on the 4th Thursday of each month from 9–9:45am)

If community members want to support the program, donations will be accepted on an ongoing basis through the Putney Foodshelf. Volunteers are also welcome. Check out our website: