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Putney Historical Society Newsletter

The latest edition of the PHS Newsletter is now available on the website — This issue features Chapter 2 of Bill Darrow’s The Washburns in Putney, which traces the fortunes of the large family as many children spread from Vermont across the country. Their mother/stepmother Patty returned to Putney with seven young children during a time of religious and social turmoil during the Second Great Awakening of the first half of the 19th century. Amidst this religious fervor John Humphrey Noyes Perfectionist teachings were becoming controversial in Putney and some members of the family were caught up in the controversy.

Also in this issue: news about a new collection of artifacts that’s been donated, a remembrance of Elka Schumann, a report from behind the scenes at the PHS and news about “Snapshots in Time” a PHS project documenting Putney’s people and places in 2022.