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Putney Historical Society Open!

Hi everyone!
We are open for the summer, every Saturday in July and August, from 10am-2pm. It’s been a busy summer already, mostly cleaning and moving items to storage. We’d like to invite you to come visit this Saturday, and research something! Could be your house, a person, family or organization, swimming holes, farming–whatever you’re interested in related to Putney history. We’re here to help. Hope you got your mail telling you about the success of our capital campaign…
Just recently, we had a great idea for a new project from Arthur Westing–to create a record of many of the road names in Putney, and why they were named for particular people or things. We’d like to get a start on that, and we may well present our findings at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, August 24 at 2pm at Next Stage (public welcome). If you have knowledge of ANY of the village road names, or if you’re just interested, stop by this Saturday (or call 387-4411, or email to share information.
I plan to have an ice cream social a week from Saturday (Aug 9, 12-2pm), and I’m formally inviting everyone in the community to visit and share their knowledge of people, places, things, and their corresponding road names. So after lunch, come on down for free ice cream. (Knowledge of road names is not required.)
Thanks for all your ongoing support. Keep us in mind in your Putney travels.
Kind regards,
Stuart Strothman
Putney Historical Society

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