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Putney Library Trees to Come down

The Putney Library Board wants to let the public know that on June 23rd, the two historic maple trees at the Putney Library will be taken down to safeguard patrons and the buildings. The trees have been declining from root disturbance since the building of the library and Yellow Barn with large limbs falling during recent storms. Numerous interventions by arborists have failed to reverse this decline.

We are all sad to lose these two iconic maple trees. They have shaded and nourished this spot for 100- 150 years and were part of Governor Aiken’s Nursery on the same spot.

The trees even helped determine the siting of the entrance to the library.  To honor their place in our history, the library will try to salvage some of the tree trunk for an appropriate library use. In the spring, we will plant new gardens and trees.

To facilitate this process and ensure the safety of all, the library will be closed to the public on June 23.