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Putney Planning Commission Seeking Members

Putney is need of community-minded input from dedicated residents which are prepared to work together to make thoughtful decisions. The continued health, vitality, and individuality of our locality is worth making the effort. Can you offer constructive ideas or a fresh outlook, do you like to get involved, can you find workable ways to compromise on contentious issues – all as part of assisting our entire community thrive. The Planning Commission is in need of three (3), but no more than five (5), new members.

The Planning Commission has broad authority to plan for the future needs of the community, which may include but limited to drafting and maintaining a current municipal plan and identifying tools, regulatory and non-regulatory to implement the plan. The Planning Commission solicits public input, weighs options and make policy decisions, some of which will chart the future of the community and which may eventually have the force and effect of law. The Commission must take care to represent all members and interests of the public officials, interest groups, civic groups and citizens.

The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of the Month, as needed, at 7:00 pm.

Volunteering matters! Residents getting involved in local government can be more than just internally satisfying: the most vital program and services can generate positive interest from outside the community, attracting people and businesses that will add interest, value, and spirit to our town and potentially increase quality of life.

If you are interested or require further information, please email the Town Manager at or Pip Bannister, Chair of Planning Commission at

Karen M. Astley, Town Manager