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Putney Redemption Program

To the community of Putney, it is with reservation the Redemption Program at the Town Hall Barn is “closed/temporarily suspended” until further notice. The Town of Putney can not take any returnable bottles or cans at this time. All totes have been removed from the barn. Please use another venue such as Putney Road Redemption or Brattleboro Discount Beverage.

The town recognizes Jules Lavoie for his dedicated time and effort for developing a successful community program over the past two years. Jules took this program on as his “baby” and was very proud of how he nurtured and grew the program into what it is today. The program went from five 50-gallon drums to 9 large totes. Expanding the program, Jules coordinated with the Putney Coop to donate their redeemable bottles and cans which added more revenue. Jules proactively arranged a hauler to pick up and take the redemptions to a local redemption company in Brattleboro. Jules began tracking how many bottles and bags were leaving the barn and how much of a return they would yield. The program in the past year has yielded between 8,000 to 12,334 units with more revenue than the town has seen in the past. Jules would say while he was out there sorting, he would meet many people from the community and they would chat mostly about the program and how much people appreciated him making it work. The town thanks you Jules for all you have done with this program.

The town has a need in a program that is thriving. At this time, the town is actively looking for someone to resume the responsibility to oversee this program. This is a volunteer program. If anyone requires community service this might be an opportunity for some hours. Sorting is approximately eight hours a week depending on how proficient one can be. If the town can not find a replacement volunteer, this program may be terminated as we don’t have the resources to maintain it.

If you are interested in filling this gap, please contact the Town Manager at with a letter of interest.