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Putney seeking Candidates for Elected Positions

The following are elected positions voted into office by the constituents of Putney. If you are interested in a position please contact the Town Clerk, Jonathan Johnson at 387.5862 extension 13 for information on the process to become an elected official. There is a deadline associated with elected positions. It is recommended to call no later than December 31, 2020.

Selectboard Member (Elected, 3-year term): The selectboard is at the center of Vermont’s local government. It is the body that has general supervision and control over the affairs of the town. 24 V.S.A. § 872. The selectboard performs three functions: legislative (enacts local ordinances, regulations and policies); administrative (prepares and presents the budget, oversees all town expenditures, supervises personnel and controls town buildings and property); and quasi-judicial (determines private rights in such areas as laying out, discontinuing and reclassifying highways and hearing appeals as the local board of health and as the local liquor control commission). Modest stipend.

Lister (Elected, 3-year term): The responsibility of the part-time, three-person Board of Listers is to create, manage, and maintain a fair and equitable Grand List and to share related information with the State in a timely manner. This includes a requirement that recorded property transfers, surveys, and subdivisions are reflected in the Grand List, that initial and follow-up site visits and inspections are made in response to issued building permits, and that all pertinent deadlines are met. Listers also respond to property owners’ questions relating to assessed property values, some requiring site visits. On a regular basis, Listers provide information, often in the form of Lister Cards, to members of the public including insurance companies, realtors, mortgage lenders, title searchers, and individuals. Listers must understand appraisal methods and property assessment administration in Vermont, (trainings provided,) be comfortable using new computer software, and be willing to work as part of a team. 6 or so hours a week at $15.00 an hour.

Cemetery Commissioner (Elected, 3-year term): The Cemetery Commissioners are responsible for the care and management of the Town’s cemeteries, including supervising mowing, maintenance and the sale of burial plots. Volunteer position.