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Putney State Reps to Host Voter Forums

On Tuesday October 21 and Thursday October 23, Rep. David Deen and Rep. Mike Mrowicki invite voters in Windham 4 District of Dummerston, Putney and Westminster to meet with them to discuss the issues of the day.

There many issues that are front and center as we head towards the November election.
The planned meetings are to gather how voters feel about:
-addressing Climate Change (noting that 57% of Vermont’s Carbon Footprint comes from our automobile use)
-keeping our economy growing
-how we attract or keep younger people in Vermont
– maintaining quality education at a price we can afford
-providing necessary services to seniors (noting Vt. has the second highest percentage of retirees in the US)
-maintaining our roads and bridges when we rely on the gas tax, a shrinking tax base
-how do we equitably fund a universal access, single payer Health Care system?

Is there something you are concerned about that is not on this list? All of these are important issues for your part-time citizen legislature to deal with in its 16 week, January to May legislative session.

The October 21 Forum will be at the Westminster Institute on Rt.5 in the center of Westminster, starting at 6pm.

The October 23 forum will be held at The Putney Fire Station located on Rt. 5 at the Putney-Dummerston border starting at 6pm.

Contact info:
David L. Deen 802-869-3116

Michael Mrowicki 802-387-8787