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Putney to Host Informational Meeting

Putney is continuing its successful tradition of candidate forums. The Putney Selectboard, School Board, and Town Clerk are hosting an informational event on elected town offices. This forum for potential town officer candidates will be held on Thursday, January 15th at 7:00 PM in the Putney Town Hall.

The following positions are open for the town and school district offices in Putney:

Auditor – 1, 2 & 3 year
Cemetery Commission – 3 year
Lister – 2 & 3 year
Moderator – 1 year
School Director (2) – 1 year
School Director – 3 year
Selectpeople – 3 year
Town Agent – 1 year
Town Grand Jurors (2) – 1 year
Union School Director – 3 year

Interested people can come to the Informational Meeting to learn about these positions and ask questions of current board members. Those that have attended the past forums in Putney felt it was educational for everybody and successfully reached out to potential candidates.

For more information contact:
Anita Coomes, Town Clerk 387-5862 x14, or Cynthia Stoddard, Town Manager 387-5862 x11