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Putney Utility (Sewer) Services

Attention all sewer connection users on the Town of Putney utility system: There is a rate increase effective July 1, 2018. You will see a 25.3% rate increase (per unit) on October sewer bills. This increase is only on sewer rates. Water rates are not affected.

Since inception of the water/wastewater system (1977) all Putney taxpayers absorbed the cost of the system through taxation ($45,000). As of January 2018, in a decision made by the Selectboard, the cost would be passed to those who are connected to the system and utilize sewer services. The sewer base fee per unit increases by 25.3% due to the decision to eliminate the $45,000 from the General Fund Subsidy that the entire town contributed to.

If you should have questions please contact the office at 387.5862 extension 11 or 12.

Karen M. Astley, Town Manager