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(Really!) Local Turkeys Available Soon!

As we head into winter it’s time to restock those freezers! We’d be honored if you’re freezer is filled with some of the meat we lovingly raised.

We have:
-Turkey Sign Ups! Pick up fresh 10/28 from 7-8pm.
-Chickens whole $5/lb
-Chicken Boneless, skinless Breasts $12.50/lb
-Sockeye Salmon Boneless filets $19/lb from dear friends in Alaska who run Small Scales Seafood.
….Beef, Pork, and more!

We also have hay (square bales, mulch hay, and wrapped round bales) for sale.

If you’d like to stay up to date on our farm sales and offerings, or learn about the practices we apply on our farm we have a “Fresh from the Farm” e-newsletter sign up at our website:

Thank You for Buying Local!
-The Bowen Family at Meadowdale Farm