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Recycling Information

To Putney Residents:

As a result of a decision to close the material recycling facility on Old Ferry Road, Brattleboro, at the end of June the Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD) removed their recycling containers from the fire station. Part of this change involves the possibility of moving the recycling bins to a new site at the town garage and hiring a private hauler, paid for by the Town. There currently is $40,000 in the FY18 budget for this possible option. The Town will revisit this in August, which is when they think the site can be ready. For now the bins will not be available in any location in the Town.
Between now and the end of August, residents who do not have curbside pickup with a private hauler are advised to bring the recyclables to the WSWMD transfer station on Old Ferry Road. The cost for a WSWMD access permit beginning July 1 will be $35.00. Please remember that redeemable bottles and cans can be dropped off at the barn behind the Putney Town Hall. There is no charge for this.
If you are a landlord, please inform your tenants of these changes.