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Sarasa Ensemble: Music for 3 Cellos–Discounted Rush Tickets available at Putney Library

The Brattleboro Music Center is generously donating rush tickets for upcoming shows to The Putney Public Library—the tickets are discounted to $10 and the entire price of the ticket goes to support the Library!
Tickets can be purchased by cash or check at the Library’s front desk. Call with questions: 387-4407.

This Friday, September 20th at 7:30, Sarasa performs Music for 3 Cellos: Bach and Cervetto.
In Sarasa Ensemble’s opening program for the new 2019-20 concert season, the group explores the profound depth of J.S. Bach’s solo cello suites alongside the great charm and tunefulness of Giacobbe Cervetto’s trios. Cervetto was an immensely popular 18th-century cellist who lived to the ripe age of 101.

Performers include Timothy Merton, Jennifer Morsches, and Phoebe Carrai on Baroque cellos.