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Saturday, October 1st at 1pm: Growing a Pollinator Garden

Growing a Pollinator Garden: Restoring Habitat to Your Own Backyard and Community
Saturday, October 1st at 1pm

When you look into your backyard, what do you see? Is it humming with pollinators? It could be! Join Master Gardeners and the founder of The Wildflower Pollinator Project at Putney Public Library on Saturday, October 1st at 1pm to learn more! Masks are required for this indoor program.

Susan Still and Peg Solon are UVM Extension Master Gardeners who have studied pollinators and the native plants on which they depend. In their workshop you will learn who the pollinators are (hint: not just honeybees) and how you can develop a backyard habitat that is not only beautiful but supports these important contributors to our ecosystem.

In addition to hearing from the Master Gardeners, Jane Collister, founder of Putney’s own Wildflower Pollinator Project will also be present to talk about her organization’s work.

The Wildflower Pollinator Project is dedicated to helping turn this tide of pollinator population decline by offering the resources and education on new and simple garden methods developed to protect wildflower seeds when sown in the fall and provide an abundance of seedlings in the spring.
Local volunteers who become members will receive free Wildflower Nursery Kits that supply everything needed to utilize this new method, providing enough seedlings in an on-going endeavor to repopulate local habitats.
To expand this vital project, we hope to secure funding as a non-profit organization.
Please visit the project’s website at To consult with the founding member, please email Jane at